Improve Your Health with Therapeutic Fasting

Improve your 
health with therapeutic 

Therapeutic Fasting

Therapeutic fasting means controlled died and intermittent fasting based on the individual rhythm. Combination of fasting and low carbohydrate diet decreases the body insulin resistance (since there are no sugar intake) and intermittent fasting allows the body organs to start the healing process.

Our method 

We offer coaching from 2-6 months depending on the condition and it's severity. We use low carb diet and the controlled fasting method and keep in continuous contact with clients.

Our services are targeted to reversing a medical conditions like type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure or fatty liver. We also serve people who wish to lower their weight in order to improve their health.  

Expected results and coaching times

  • Typically we are able to reverse type 2 diabetes in 3 months + 3 month control and follow up time. Total coaching time is 6 months
  • Metabolic synthoms like what high blood pressure require about 3 months total (debending the severity)
  • Weight loss for Health - coaching starts from 2 months depending on the individual target. 


For more information about Therapeutic Fasting contact  or use our contact form!

Tuomas Javanainen
Fasting Coaching (Paastovalmennus)
+358 40 052 1558‬
Turku, Finland

Services 100% online

Our services are offered 100% online (an access to doctor and blood test laboratory is required). We use communication tools like Skype, Slack, Online forms and telephone during the coaching period.   

We work in Finland, so our timezone is GMT +2h

We can help you with 

Type 2 Diabetes

Do you want to improve your health and reverse type 2 diabetes? 

Metabolic Syndroms

Our coaching reduces risks caused by high blood pressure and fat liver and usually blood pressure medication can be stopped.  

Weight Loss  

You can improve your health, lose weight and particularly we target on visceral far around the waistline. You'll also feel more energetic.


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